Reiki II

Reiki II – The Usui System of Natural Healing

At the second level of Reiki or Reiki II you will learn:

  1. The Symbology of  Reiki
  2. The Power Symbol
  3. The Emotional Symbol
  4. The Distant Symbol
  5. Advanced Intuitive Techniques
  6. Principles of Polarity
  7. Reiki and Affirmation work
  8. Hands on Distant Healing

Requirements: Completion of Reiki I for 3 months, completed and documented five sessions on one person and received a session from me or one of my Reiki II students who are practicing (call me for names and phone numbers).

Your Certificate will be presented and dated when all the requirements are met.

10+ hours of training  •  workbook  •  journal  •  attunement

plenty of hands on time  •  Reiki II Certificate of Completion

Space is limited to 2 for each class

Tuition is $300.00

–  – TBA

eMail Kate .  NOTE:  There are only 2 spots Reiki II for each class

This class incorporates healing modalities that pertain to being a healing practitioner. When working with people it is beneficial to have many tools in your healing kit. Different tools resinate with people differently. The goal of this class to give you an overview of healing techniques so that you can decide which tools resonate with you and your client.

On the first day, you will learn by practicing and experiencing-

Reiki Symbols and How to Use Them
Affirmation Work

One the second day you will learn by practicing and experiencing –

Intuitive Healing Tools
You will receive:

Reiki Level II Attunement
Reiki Level II Certificate of Completion

The cost is $250  Registration is a MUST!!!

Please click the Register button to make a $100 deposit to reserve your seat.

This is a Non-Refundable Deposit so PLEASE BE SURE YOU CAN ATTEND BOTH DAYS.


This is a two day class, You must attend both days.

Students will receive a confirmation email with details.

I reserve the right to change the class date and time based on student needs.