Reiki I

“Japanese Cherry Tree and the Emerging Butterfly”  by Kate

Reiki I Class

I love teaching Reiki I the most.

In this class I am only offering 2-4 seats. So you get lots of personal interactions with me and the other students. 

If you have any questions you can always call me at (607) 732-9911

You can expect to learn…

        • The importance of Belief and Intention
        • Introduction to The Chakra System
          – where they are located
          – what is its color
          -what is its vibration
          – what emotions, feelings, or energies are stored there.
        • Grounding with meditation
        • Healing Your Aura with meditation
        • What is Reiki and what it is not?
        • Effects Reiki can have
        • Who we are Talking About
          –  Dr. Mikao
          –  Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
          – Mrs. Hawayo Takata
        • The Reiki Principles
        • Self Reiki
        • Healing Others: How To
          – Chakra Balancing
          –  Using Reiki
          –  Potential Reactions
        • The Reiki Path
        • How to Use Reiki
          –  Creating Sacred Space and Closing Space
          – A full session on each other

You will receive:

        • workbook
        • Reiki Level I Attunement
        • link to digital Meditation Files
        • Reiki Level I Certificate of Completion

Dates for this life-affirming, self-empowering
class will be held on


eMail Kate with your intention to take a class and your best availability. I schedule classes from 10am to 5pm.

Each class is 5-6 hours of training. Choose the right date for you.

I want to make this class affordable for everyone to learn Self-Healing.

Cost:  $149

For a short time only  $ 99

Registration will close when the 4-student limit is reached.
Please get your registration in as soon as possible.

You can always email Kate at with your interest.

Registration is a MUST!!!
Registration will close the Wednesday prior to the scheduled class or when the limit is reached.

After I receive your payment I will contact you via email to give you details, and of course answer any questions you might have. Of course you can always leave a message at (607) 732-9911 and I will call you back as soon as I can.

I am so excited to be able to offer this training in such an affordable way.