In Kate’s HypnoHealing sessions she will channel energy for deep relaxation using Reiki techniques. As you become more and more calm and  peaceful in the brain wave states of Alpha and/or Theta, she will take you on a journey within your body. During this journey of discovery and healing, you will be a direct, active part of the session describing what you are experiencing, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling during this journey. We will have use all of your senses. You will be guided throughout this process.  It is gentle and very empowering for you. 

Kate has gotten amazing immediate results from this technique.  Here what one client has to say:

A Little About Reiki

Reiki is a healing technique that may be hands-on or hands-off with mindful visualization. This simple healing is considered an alternative or complimentary medicine. It is simple to learn and simple to practice. As a matter of fact you probably already do some energy healing. For instance, when you have a headache you cradle your head in your hands, giving your personal energy to the headache. When a child has a fever or a boo boo, you comfort them by putting your hand on their forehead or kissing and holding their boo boo, again this is giving your own personal energy.  Imagine what you could accomplish with Universal Life Force Energy, which is unlimited.

Currently this gentle, deeply relaxing hands-on technique is being practiced worldwide; with each session reducing stress and encouraging the connection to self-heal.  You don’t have to believe in anything to benefit from a Reiki session. You only have to be open minded enough to experience a session. Reiki supports the balance in your body, mind and spirit.


HypnoHealing can be done in the convince of your home via a phone session or on Zoom.

FREE Consultation

eMail Kate to set up your FREE Consultation.  During this 1/2 hour time set aside for you we can talk over your needs and see what services are best suited for you. Your paperwork will be sent to you via eMail prior to your appointment.