Shamanic Healing

Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Healing Can Be Profound

Are you stuck?  Do you feel you or something, is holding your progress up? Do you need help with addiction?

The work of healing your luminous body can be profound.  Sessions range from 1 to 1.5 hours. These sessions can provide a deep personal transformation. The session begins with discussion of how your life is today, focusing on how to make your visions possible, moving forward in your life, what you may want to release. This discussion can be about stress, physical disease, emotional issues, or repeating themes that keep showing up and do not serve your highest and greatest good.

With several different healing tools, I will work with your luminous energy field to remove the imprint indicated by our discussion. By removing the energy focused on, light can then take its place.

The Sessions may include:

• Chakra Clearing/Balancing
• Illumination

• Ancestral Healing

• Energy Extraction
• Crystals
• Sound
• Meditation or Journeying
• Breathwork
• Energy Cord Cutting


One Session  $125

This is a humbling experience and honor to work with you and spirit on an individual basis; to witness the beauty and grace of your luminous body.


We are available for private healing sessions during regular store hours or by appointment Monday through Saturday 10am to 7pm   Call to make your appointment 607-732-9911 or you can book your appointment on line!  All private healing sessions can also be done virtually using phone.  There is no need to even leave your home.



  • Shamanic Healing 60-90 Minutes $125
  • Reiki Couples Session $90.00
  • Reiki Session 30-Minutes $45.00
  • Reiki Session 60-Minutes $60.00

U.S. Veterans receive 20% Every Day on all above Full Price Services.
Not to be used with any coupons or special offers.