Day Trip: Lily Dale

August 29, 2019 all-day America/New York Timezone
Lily Dale Assembly
Lily Dale
$15 Gas / $15 Gate Fee

HLC is going to Lily Dale! Join us on this Road Trip.

Welcome Letter from President Neal Rzepkowski:

On behalf of all of the Spirits of Lily Dale, both those living here in physical bodies in this dimension, as well as those “from the other side” who join us, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our grounds, and to our program.

I hope you will take some time to become aware of the peaceful and healing “vibrations” of our safe and magical place. Here, some amazing things can be observed and experienced which may challenge your rational, logical mind. Yet, many forget that scientific studies have repeatedly shown that consciousness survives, even if our physical bodies do not.

Now, here in this “physical reality” where your consciousness is aware of You as “you”, we hope you can take advantage of the many opportunities we offer.

Let us help you to expand your psychic/mediumistic abilities, to deepen your sense of peace and serenity, and to feel the love and support of those whom you once knew and loved while they were on the “earth plane” and who now reach to you in love from “higher planes”.

~ Neal Rzepkowski

Please register with me as I have 6 available seats for guests. Anyone who would like to drive let me know. We are asking for $15 per person for gas money to the drivers.

The Gate fee is $15 per person at Lily Dale.

There are cafe’s, restaurants, camping & picnic areas, gift shops on site. We can bring lunches and eat at the picnic areas, or of course, you can go off on your own.

Here is their daily events schedule.

Here is their website for you to explore what is available.

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