Healing Classes, By Kathy Holton

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Usui Reiki I – $150spacePay-Now

Usui Reiki II – $250spacePay-Now


Usui Reiki IIIa – $500

Usui Reiki IIIb – $600

Call 607-732-9911 first to discuss and schedule day and time.

Dowsing “Using Your Pendulum” – $50spacePay-Now

The Energy & Healing of Hands on HandsspaceComing soon

Essential Oil Class, By Kathy Holton – $25 per class

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Other Classes Held at HLC,
Taught by Visiting Facilitators


Frequencies of Love and Healing
with Jayne Chilkes

1-3pm Sunday October 22, 2017 – $29




We as humans, are rising up the dimensions and are reconnecting with our own perfection template and our own Beauty and Divinity. In this process called Ascension, we are shedding and releasing all our past life fears and guilts about our imperfections. The conditioning is being released from the DNA and the genetic records, and humans are rediscovering their Original Intention of Love and Perfect Health.

As your Grid activates, you will find that your health will improve and the aging process will slow down. This will go with a desire to live in a more healthy way, to eat well, get exercise and plenty of sleep. The perfection template will be telling you what your body needs to function in perfect health as was the original intent.

Aquamarine is the hue of the New Earth frequency of Love. You will receive the purest of pure blueprint of the original human. You will remember the lightness, beauty, wisdom, love, joy, the heart of the true human divine blueprint and codes. You will switch to the New Earth Human Codes and New Earth Human Light Body Grid.

This workshop will include:
Meditations and Visualisations
Frequency Therapy Explained
Opening Your 3rd Eye Abilities
Group Sound Healing
New Channelled Information for a New Earth
The Aquamarine Flame
The Golden Ones and a New Earth Language and Principles
The Approach of the Avatars and Opening Special Portals
Bliss, Love and Peace in the Body

“If you see an opportunity to sign up for one of Jayne’s classes, take it!” JO, NC 2016

“I have been involved in spiritual growth for 40 years. Jayne is one of the best teachers I have encountered. She comes from Pure Love and Compassion” RJ, NY 2017

“Jayne is a remarkable channeler. I respect the discipline it takes to do what she does with such purity and integrity” NH, NY

About Jayne:
Jayne is a Healer and Soul Channel, DNA and Akashic Record Practitioner, Teacher and Author of Four Spiritual Books:- The Call of an Angel, Twelve Steps to Heaven, The New DNA and A Secret Path to Freedom. She has over thirty five years experience and presently shares new information and channellings from the Masters for a New Earth, Peace, Harmony, Love and Light with All.

Deepen your Tarot Skills

with  Sarah Flenders

Deepen Your Tarot Skills I is a 5-6-hour course dedicated to deepening your understand of Tarot, Pathworking with the cards, focusing on reading other people. This course is perfect for those who have the cards memorized, have formed a bond with their deck, are confident in their knowledge of the themes of tarot and are looking to expand to reading others and/or becoming professional Tarot readers. 

PLEASE NOTE that prior to Tarot II; if you skipped Tarot I, I will require a reading from you, and I may ask a few questions so that I am familiar with your level of understanding. This read is absolutely not a test! It’s simply just to verify your ability to move onto Tarot II =]

When?                  TBA

What Time?  

Where?                The Healing & Learning Center
                             911 Pennsylvania Ave
                             Elmira NY 14904

How Much?   ____ (Paid in full prior to class.)

NOTE:  Sarah Flenders began her journey in tarot at age 15.  Her fun loving nature will help to lighten your spirit. She reminds us that happiness and laughter are some of the most effective forms of self healing.