Energy_300pxWe are all made of energy!  We are energetic beings with an energetic field around us.

Receiving a session either at our location or  at home, (we call this Distant Healing) will balance your energy field, helps to retrain your cells to be healthy. Science has proven we can change the crystalline structure of water with our words and intention.  If our bodies are 70+% made up of water, our words and intention can in fact, change the DNA structure of our bodies.  We do not have to hold on to the baggage of our ancestors, we can make our own way, our own health, write our own story.

These techniques can help to reduce your stress levels and create a calm in your day.  In our very busy, hectic lives wouldn’t it be nice to have just one hour a month or a week devoted entirely to the reduction of your stress? Don’t you think you owe yourself this benefit. It is said that stress causes so many of today’s illnesses, isn’t it time you choose to be calm, peaceful and stress free by having regular sessions.

We go to the gym to train our physical bodies, come to HLC to train your energetic and spiritual body.