The Red Tent

Calling all women to join us in the Red Tent!

Open to women of all ages…

Friday, June 23, 2017

What happens in the RED TENT?

Laughing, crying, sharing, dancing, singing, healing, discovery …
The red tent is a safe environment to share, learn, experience, teach, just be your authentic self; without any judgements or commentary.

I will be opening Sacred Space for our Red Tent at 10am or when the first women arrive to set it up.

See some activities below.  If you have a special skill such as massage, reflexology, herbs, healing, or any activity that would interest all women please come and let us know you are willing to share, we will set up a time and post it here.

We do not charge for services in the RED TENT, however the center will be taking donations.   

Donate To Our Red Tent


  • 12:00 – Meditation
  • 6:30 pm Sacred Circle Sharing *

NOTE:  Rite of the womb will be available for any woman who wishes to receive the blessing. Any additional activities depend on who comes and when they are here.

*6:30 – 8:30:  Sacred Circle Sharing.  You do not need to share to be included in the circle, you may want to be a sacred listener only.  That is okay, we will all be sacred listeners.

The Red Tent

The Red Tent

Red Tent is run by donations.

Please leave a donation at the door, from your heart, or you can leave a donation below.

Donate To Our Red Tent