Meet Kathy Holton (Stella)

I am the Founder and Director of The Healing & Learning Center.  It is my hope that you will experience the love, peace and joy that comes from attending classes or receiving a healing at my center.

Reiki is my foundation for healing, learning locally from Judy Seal Snyder.  Then I attended Spiritual Insight Training I at Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale, NY.  Just recently I have been certified with Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Lens Ho’oponopono. Currently, I am a studying with a Four Winds Society graduate. Continuing with my education I regularly attend classes for breathing, shaman work, women’s empowerment, yoga and intuitive circle.

Please check out our classes and calendar pages.

LynneKintzMeet Lynne Kintz

Lynne is a Reiki Master Practitioner.

Currently Lynne is the center’s Yoga instructor.  She holds “Gently Hatha Yoga” on Wednesday’s at 5pm.

You can also meet Lynne when you attend the U.S. Veteran’s Clinic as she volunteers for each Clinic we hold.




Meet Sarah Flenders

Sarah is a Reiki II Professional who is always looking for additional alternative healing modalities to assist her clients with their needs. She regularly practices self-reiki as well as giving reiki treatments to domesticated house pets such as dogs, cats and even some reptiles. When needed, she uses crystals and aromatherapy to assist in the healing process.

Sarah is currently teaching the series “Learn Tarot” and she also makes jewelry using crystals that aid in many aspects of life and infuses them with Reiki energy to enhance the effect. Her clients often experience deep relaxation, even in times of high stress. Her fun loving nature will help to lighten your spirit. She reminds us that happiness and laughter are some of the most effective forms of self healing. Sarah is available by appointment Only.

Meet Alicia Clark

Alicia is a Reiki Master Practitioner with over six years of experience.  It has been her lifelong goal to help others live a healthier more fulfilling life.  Originally, she began working towards achieving this goal by working with the elderly and obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development with a focus in Gerontology.  As time progressed she found herself gravitating towards alternative forms of healing including Reiki.  While on her healing journey Alicia continues to study, and attend classes.  She is happy to provide in person or distant Reiki sessions. As an animal lover, she will happily work with your four legged friends as well.