Are you tired? Do you feel drained? Are you living a stressful life? We can help.

Receiving a session will balance your energy field, it can help to retrain your cells to be healthy.

Shamanic healing can cut cords of attachments you would like to remove; clear your ancestors history or baggage that is simply not yours. We do not have to hold on to the baggage of our ancestors, we can write our own story.

Energy extraction can remove old pent up energies that do not serve our highest good.

***New***  Guided Meditation – I have been asked so many times to do more meditation and yes “Guided Meditation”.  Now at The Healing & Learning Center we have designed an easy, comfortable way for you to go on that journey.  We will design the meditation to suit your specific needs. For more information click Guided Meditation

Reiki healing is a healing method that creates calm, relaxation, it can help to breakup and move blockages in a gentle way. …more




Have you been to locations that provide Alternative Therapies?  And you love them right?  Well at HLC we teach you to take charge of your own healing by offering classes in Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Tarot, Essential Oil Use, etc.

Many different facilitators are invited in to bring their workshops to our center and you to promote different kinds of healing such as healing through art, meditation, drumming, chanting, A Course In Miracles, etc. We work both inside and outside if the weather permits.  If there is a workshop you are interested in (and you don’t see it here) let us know.  …more



HLC is focused on healing body, mind and spirit in all natural ways. Through Alternative Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Essential Oils (Aroma Therapy), Sound, etc.

The Healing & Learning Center (HLC) is here to aid you with your healing. We are conveniently located in Elmira NY just 5 minutes from the Pennsylvania border, 35 minutes from Mansfield, PA, 25 minutes from Corning NY, 45 minutes from Ithaca NY or 60 minutes from Binghamton NY. We carry Youngevity Brand Supplements and Essential Oils, Himalayan Salt Products. Visit our spaces for teaching, healing, meditation, yoga, our store and more.  …more